Embracing Diversity!

grass1Embracing Diversity!

“Prejudice in any form, racial or social, is destructive and costly to society. Today, social prejudice is accepted by society and few realize its destructive force. It kills motivation and increases overhead cost in business.” Robert L. Webb

Embracing diversity and understanding it, is one of the great mysteries in our growing society. There are many questions about, culture, race, ethics and professional behavior that go unanswered, and at times creates an uncomfortable work environment. While there is much to be done in this area there is hope.

The effects of not embracing diversity can be devastating to any business. This shows up in the form of: high employee turnover, low morale, lack of collaboration among staff and unhealthy competition.

The question then becomes how can we improve and grow as a group? First, it’s important to assess where your organization is and where it wants to go, second, address leadership and staff and share with them the kind of environment you would like to experience, and third, listen to others concerns, comments and suggestions.

Bringing about a culture of acceptance and non-judgment can be hard, but not impossible. So, embrace your own leadership and bring back humanity into the workplace. Doing so will open the door to honest conversation, and improved professional relationships.


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