The hype about inspiring others…

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Growth and Performance 

Whether you mange people or not, you know how important it is to motivate and inspire others.  Leadership is the new aged tool that helps us inspire and motivate.  Leadership: the process used to influence others, generate outcomes, behaviors, traits, persuasion, and relational tool (Wren, 1995).

So, what is the catalyst to understanding leadership and its effects on followership satisfaction?  MONEY, yes you read it correctly.  With the growth of sophisticated financial markets, globalization, and technology there is now a greater need to create a paradigm shift from classical management to a transformational and charismatic model that better supports organizational performance and achievement.

In a changing world and the growing need to address the bottom line (profitability), the phenomena of leadership is a must have in your toolbox.  It is worth noting that management and leadership are to different tools and both necessary.  Management allows us to do thing correctly (planning, detail, logistics etc.); leadership is choosing to do the right things; you know that gut feeling one gets when confronted by difficult decisions.

So here is the reality, the Hype of inspiring others comes from our desire to build a stronger and more productive profitable workforce.  Who you are determines organizational success and professional growth.  Leading is all about your ability to build trust, and getting others to follow your lead.  Now this is no easy task.  Leadership is something you must work at if you want to influence others!

What does it take?  Becoming an effective leader takes:  integrity, honesty, humbleness, intelligence, and a true desire to serve other.  Leadership is a needed tool and one worth investing the time to develop.  Think of it as a way of life – effective leadership can transform downward spiraling organizations, communities, and people.

Become that transformative agent of change and watch yourself and others achieve!!


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