How to Build Organizational Capacity

performance-review-cartoonOrganizational capacity and performance is at the forefront of quality work and continued organizational success.  As the needs of our society change, organizations must adjust to their new environment, which affects the mission and goals of organizations.  The rapid changes in our society now calls for organizations to adjust their structures to a more formal and performance based model.

It is essential that organizations are able to keep up with changes that will adversely affect their ability to carry out their missions.  Failing to address changes can ultimately cause organizations to collapse.

So, how do we build organizational capacity?  We build it by developing our staff and conducting ongoing staff appraisals/evaluations. Staff evaluation is a process of fact finding and objectivity.  It is important to separate judgments from this process.  The task is to find evidence and facts that supports excellent, good, satisfactory, or poor performance.  Workforce performance is key in promoting a culture efficacy and profitability.   Discussing performance and outcomes allows both staff and leader to honestly address areas of growth and improvement.   The absence of feedback can be the catalyst for organizational failure. Employees need to know how they are performing in order to deploy new skills and improve.

“People may do satisfactory work because they are forced to do so by a variety of controls, but they will only do superior work because they want to- that is, because they are personally committed to doing so” (Dennis Kinlaw, 1999).


As a leader part of the work is to understand what motivates people to do superior work.  Inspiring others is to build employees confidence, and competence, while showing appreciation.  Leaders must ensure that people have the knowledge and skills to perform.  Competence, therefore,  builds success, confidence, and productivity. Remember that evaluations can be a rewarding or challenging process, so treat each staff person with dignity and respect; how you deliver feedback and communicate your findings matters. Employees should never be surprised at the finding or feedback. Staff should be aware of their performance and be given the opportunity to self correct.  If you see a behavior that needs to be addressed  let the staff know, he/she will appreciate it.


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